Alcoholism 1965

‘Alcoholism 1965’ marks the launch of a ongoing project which transposes themes and graphic elements of 1960s and 70s Pelican books onto the landscape of contemporary post-utopian Birmingham. It takes inspiration from the identically titled book by Neil Kessel and Henry Walton, which discusses the epidemic of alcoholism in 1960s America and Britain, presenting descriptions, problems and solutions for drug related addictions.

The cover of this book – designed by Michael Morris – features a pink elephant. This project sees the visual of the pink elephant transformed into a giant raft, which formed the centrepiece of the exhibition: after having recently taken its maiden voyage on the Grand Union canal of Digbeth, and most recently on the Wolverhampton Locks for Wolverhampton Arts Fest.

The ideas are explored further through various works including a book (Post-Utopia), which was published with Rope Press, and a series of limited-edition prints & postcards.

Bermuda Collective :
Bruno Grilo
Gavin Rogers
Ally Standing

Videography & Photography by Vik Chandla

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